80 inch Vizomax TV Screen Protector for LCD, LED & Plasma HDTV Reviews

Vizomax TELEVISION Screen protector is a transparent TV Screen cover designed to stop injury, scratches and fingerprints to the flat Screen of a contemporary LED, LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY or Plasma TV. Vizomax is the prime TELEVISION Reveal protector model in america. A Hundred% Clear: Proprietary optical-grade Subject Material optimized to maintain HDTV picture Quality and ensures advanced Protection. Best Possible Quality: Simply take out of the box for an easy stick-on Installation. Optical-grade know-how; no Material yellowing over time. Manufactured below rigorous High Quality requirements. Polished edges and rounded corners make sure Stylish appearance and full consumer security. Material handled to attenuate flexing in front of the TV and make certain sophisticated Protection. Unbreakable: Heavy Accountability! Advanced know-how used to manufacture the clear protect ensures that the prime quality plastic shouldn’t be only 100% clear but can be nearly unbreakable. Invisible: With its Elegant proprietary design and unmatched optical readability stands virtually invisible after Installation. Stylish: Vizomax is the best way to maintain the look of your TV and have it protected. With its Based look Vizomax TELEVISION Screen protector won’t get rid of from the seem of you beautiful flat-Reveal TELEVISION. Easy Installation: Little While and no instruments required. Simply unpack and fix your new TELEVISION Display protector to your flat-Display TELEVISION. Enjoy in full comfort like heaps across The United States. Precise Match: Sized to suit your TV. No covering of audio system and complete Stylish appearance Guaranteed! Simple Snap On/Off detachment for Cleansing: Reclosable fasteners allow Simple brief detachment for Cleaning. UV Protection: Filters out between 96% and 99% of the potentially harmful ultraviolet (UV) waves emitted with the aid of the TV Screen Screen Air Flow: Vizomax TV Monitor protectors are designed to allow the Display to be cooled with the aid of pure air waft. That Is in contrast with different TV Display protectors that may result in significant Monitor overheating and TV injury.


  • Because Of Vizomax lots of usa citizens Experience their HDTV’s in complete remedy. Offer Protection To your funding lately!
  • Manufactured From excellence – 100% Clear maintains Excessive Definition image. Distinctive design that Retains the protector unnoticeable
  • More Suitable Safety designed with magnificence that remains unnoticeable. Retains the fashionable look of your TELEVISION!
  • Matches all flat-Monitor TV’s with Display diagonal from 80 inch.
  • Utilized By Households with kids, Lodges, Faculties, Hospitals and different establishments.

80 inch Vizomax TELEVISION Monitor Protector for LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY, LED & Plasma HDTV Available Now at Amazon