Panasonic 4 Head Omnivision VCR VHS Player Recorder Model PV-7400 Reviews

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Panasonic’s PV-7400 Is considered one of Its best possible Agents in their VHS making History, Its Omnivision series is world renonwned as they easiest of its time on the release and comparable to Zero.00 VCR avid gamers of the duration. A Variety Of Options and EXTREMELY praised by using Buyers and recognized for its sturdiness and ruggedness, Image and Sound High Quality.


  • Near DVD Quality! When Using neatly maintained VHS and Unit!
  • Record Possibility
  • More Than One Inputs and Outputs! Four-Head Variation!
  • Sleek Styling and Swish Dark Gray Finish!

Panasonic Four Head Omnivision VCR VHS Participant Recorder Version PV-7400 On Hand Now at Amazon

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