Optoma S341 3500 Lumens SVGA 3D DLP Projector with Superior Lamp Life and HDMI

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The Optoma S341 is the most effective saga projector for small lecture rooms and small to medium businesses. Powered with the aid of 3500 lumens and 22000:1 distinction ratio, the S341 impresses with an incredibly vivid picture, wealthy color, and deep blacks. Strengthen for the serge color space profile allows wealthy correct color, based on the primaries of rec.709 hot specification when used with a LAPTOP, Mac, or any serge suitable supply. Wall color adjustment makes use of various gamma profiles to fortify brightness on Projection surfaces of varying shade, whereas area masks eliminates delicate edges and jaggies on border of the Projection image to produce a smooth, consistent image. The Optoma S341 enhances any presentation with fantastic element, brilliant colors, and sharp text. The S341 Intensive arsenal of connectivity inputs and lightweight chassis is ideal for meetings within the container or around the place of job.


  • Luminous SVGA projection with 3500 lumens and 22,000:1 contrast ratio
  • In Depth I/O Improve with HDMI, by way of-in, by way of out, composite video, audio-in and more
  • Serb display profile dazzles with Rec709 shade accuracy
  • Adjust the gamma output to compare the colour of the Projection surface with wall colour adjustment
  • Conceal jaggies and smooth edges with aspect masks
  • Low value of ownership with 10,000 hour lamp Life

Optoma S341 3500 Lumens SVGA 3D DLP Projector with Sophisticated Lamp Life and HDMI To Be Had Now at Amazon

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