Topnaca® Analog to Digital Converter Adapter Changes Coaxial or Optical Toslink SPDIF Into Stereo 3.5mm Jack or L/R Red/White RCA Audio Outputs with AC Power Cable

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The Brand New ADC-48K Analog to Digital Audio Adapter converts analog Left/Proper RCA-model audio connections to digital S/PDIF coax or TOSLink outputs.

The unit is compact, Easy to install, and operates in a wide variety of Running conditions.

The Way It works:
*Merely plug for your analog audio source into the RCA jacks, then connect your digital receiving instrument to your choice of either coaxial or optical digital output.
*Both digital outputs can be used concurrently. Power-cycle all related tools, and you are going to be playing digitally converted audio from your analog supply at the receiving software.
*The digital output indicators will probably be a 2 channel uncompressed LPCM (linear pulse code modulation) with sampling rate at 48KHz.

Coaxial and optical output ports
Right and Left RCA Stereo input ports
A Hundred-240VAC to 5VDC Energy provide (US/EU standards, CE/FCC/UL certified)
Dimensions: 1.Sixty Five” W x Zero.87″ H x 1.59″ D
Weight: 78g
Black metallic chassis
Running temperature: Zero-70 deg. C

Bundle Contains:
-Analog Stereo to Digital Optical Coax Audio x 1
-Power Adapter x 1


  • Digital audio cable length can run up to 15 feet without signal degradation. Supports output sampling charge at 48KHz
  • Converts analog L/R alerts to digital S/PDIF or TOSLink. Each TOSlink and Coax digital outputs is also used simultaneously
  • Helps uncompressed 2-channel LPCM digital audio signal output. Straightforward to install and simple to operate
  • Offers electromagnetic noise free transmission
  • Offers electromagnetic-noise-free transmission.

Topnaca® Analog to Digital Converter Adapter Adjustments Coaxial or Optical Toslink SPDIF Into Stereo Three.5mm Jack or L/R Purple/White RCA Audio Outputs with AC Energy Cable Available Now at Amazon

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