GAMEKING FASHION S22126 Retro Blue Light Blocking Glasses Computer Glasses Gaming Glasses with Amber Tint Lens for Eye Strain Relief

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GAMEKINGTM Laptop/Gaming Glasses give a boost to visual efficiency and viewing comfort, and alleviate eye Pressure and other signs of Pc imaginative and prescient syndrome for these with 20/20 or 20/20 corrected imaginative and prescient. GAMEKINGTM collection frames are delicately cast with materials chosen from TR-90 (a thermoplastic polyamide), laminated zylonite (acetate cellulose), tremendous light-weight steel and carbon fibers that are all extremely sturdy, versatile and light-weight. Models with full-rim frame design provide dimensional steadiness, relaxed and dynamic fit, and eliminate screws loosening and different possible mechanical failures. Immersion plating or spray painting applied sciences make the frames scratch and wear resistant. Ergonomically designed frames with versatile temples (palms) match a variety of face profiles, and streamlined clinical grade silicone nostril pads make sure diminished power and comfortable match. Crystal clear and light-weight thermoplastic polycarbonate lenses, injection-molded, supply superiority of being distortionless, shatterproof and sturdy. GAMEKINGTM collection also Function an option of clip-on and flip-up amber tint lenses which are easy to clip onto any common glasses. GAMEKINGTM Computer/Gaming Glasses are excellent selections for these with excessive visual demands of Computer work and video gaming.


  • Featured amber lenses tints block virtually 100% of harmful UV Mild, reinforce contrast and visual efficiency, and alleviate eye fatigue through filtering explicit short-wavelength blue lights i.e. excessive-power seen (HEV) lights, emitted from artificial Light sources comparable to computer systems, tablets, good phones, LED lights, TV, and other digital units. Publicity of HEV will increase the chance of macular degeneration due to the harm to the sunshine-sensitive cells.
  • Lenses anti-reflective (AR) coating helps nearly do away with glare and halos and allow for more To Be Had Mild passing via, decreasing eye Strain and optimizing visible acuity (sharper vision) with fewer distractions. Purposeful coating layers supply fog, oils or stain-repellent and easy-to-smooth Features, and abrasion and scratch-resistant benefits.
  • Lenses have passed FDA Drop Ball Test to ensure impression resistance and safety. FDA registered manufacturer and distributor guarantee your satisfaction on the product quality.
  • Full-rim frames made with excellent mixture of TR and steel, supplying a retro fashionable appear. Tender and hypoallengic flexible silicone nostril pad minimizes power and supply comfortable fit.
  • Comprises 1 hardcase, 1 Tender cleaning cloth, 1 Comfortable protecting pouch, and 1 mini screwdriver. The outer box is produced from 100% recycled fiber and is One Hundred% recyclable.

GAMEKING FASHION S22126 Retro Blue Gentle Blocking Off Glasses Computer Glasses Gaming Glasses with Amber Tint Lens for Eye Strain Relief Available Now at Amazon

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