LectroFan – Micro, Wireless Sound Machine With A Twist, Black

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LectroFan micro is a top class portable sound Computer for sleep, leisure, finding out and conversation privateness. Additionally It Is Wi-fi, transportable Bluetooth speaker GADGET that connects to a smartphone, tablet, computer or another appropriate Bluetooth device. LectroFan micro is the perfect COMMUTE dimension product to accompany the original full sized LectroFan sound Desktop. Depart your original LectroFan as a permanent fixture in rooms, but take the compact micro with you around the home and whereas traveling. The DISTINCTIVE swivel mounting design of the speaker lets it be pointed in any course with a easy twist. The duel use of the micro will make it a must take tool for your whole adventures.


  • 10 UNIQUE SLEEP SOUNDS: Reach your greatest sleep possible with the aid of choosing from any of our 5 fan sounds, 4 white noises, and one ocean. Then, the use of the choice buttons, modify the amount to your perfect surroundings.
  • COMPACT SWIVEL DESIGN: allows you to alter the speaker in order that the sound projects in more than a few instructions for full room sound.
  • Wireless BLUETOOTH SPEAKER DEVICE: lets you hearken to your track via your LectroFan Micro through connecting to your smartphone for audio playback.
  • GREAT FOR GO BACK AND FORTH: the small, ultra-portable measurement permits you to easily p.c. and take your LectroFan Micro with you right through GO BACK AND FORTH with the intention to experience the benefits of LectroFan on the go.
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: lasts as much as 16 hours for sleep sounds and 6 hours for streaming audio sounds. A USB cable is incorporated with each and every LectroFan Micro for when it is time to recharge.

LectroFan – Micro, Wireless Sound Computer With A Twist, Black Available Now at Amazon

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