HornetTek, LLC Archgon GL-B122-R Protective Eyewear Gaming Glasses with Blue Light & UV Protection Light Weight Frame Crystal Lens

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The HornetTek Archgon Protecting glasses are designed to protect your eyes from the dangerous digital units which might be part of our existence. The Damaging blue & violet Light coming out of your mobile phone, pill, laptop methods & TVs can disrupt your imaginative and prescient inflicting absolutely totally different signs just like ache, blurred vision, problems and dry eyes. The anti reflective coating & Coloration filters can reduce the blue & violet Light to fortify your reduction & vision. The Extremely light-weight frames are designed for prolonged hours of use. HornetTek LLC is FDA registered.


  • Non-prescription glasses with anti reflective coating to offer protection to your eyes from digital gadgets like pc programs, mobile phones, capsules and televisions.
  • Coloration filters in the reduction of the harmful blue & violet Mild from your digital devices to stop and scale back ache, dry eyes, blurred vision and problems.
  • Subtle lens design offers you higher clarity, and has minimum results on Color accuracy
  • Extremely lightweight Body. FDA Registered.
  • Product Analysis Video: https://youtu.be/W82EMnuPJrg

HornetTek, LLC Archgon GL-B122-R Protecting Eyewear Gaming Glasses with Blue Light & UV Safety Light Weight Frame Crystal Lens Available Now at Amazon

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