Google Cardboard V2 Virtual Reality 3D Kit Compatible With 3.5″-6″ Smartphone Screens, Includes QR Code, Adjustable Headstrap, And Elegant Cardboard Design By ExtraCelestial Ideas

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The Google Cardboard Version 2 is a chic but cheap option to Revel In a 3d Virtual Truth experience using just your smartphone! Suitable with smartphones having Displays up to 6″ including the iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6, and Google Nexus 5. The ExtraCelestial Ideas Google Cardboard V2 inspired design is exact and simple. The Easy 3 step setup instructions are printed along with the QR code right on the field so you could get going for your Virtual Fact adventures very quickly! The pre-built design means there is not any trouble, simply open and play! The 37mm diameter (34mm viewable) In-built biconvex lenses provide a 45mm focal length for a surprising HD VISUAL expertise. The adjustable head strap and conductive foam button make the Google Cardboard fun and simple to use. Enjoy an enormous array of Virtual Reality apps that you can download straight to your smartphone. Stroll thru cities world wide, play games, and Enjoy all kinda of thrilling VR adventures! The ExtraCelestial Concepts Google Cardboard V2 is available in a protective field and poly bag to make sure the best QUALITY.


  • FULL GOOGLE CARDBOARD V2 Equipment: ExtraCelestial Ideas Google Cardboard V2 pre-constructed set with 45mm focal size (37mm diameter) biconvex lenses Appropriate with smartphones having Monitors up to 6″ including the iPhone 5/5c/5s/6, Samsung Galaxy S4/S5/S6, Google Nexus 4/5, Moto X/G, and different smartphones with included head strap for a stunning 3D VR experience!
  • EASY 3 STEP SETUP: The pre-constructed no bother design and printed instructions makes for a quick setup! The QR code is printed proper on the field together with knowledge on where to obtain apps so which you can start having fun Straight Away
  • PERFECT VISUALS: Built In 37mm biconvex lenses ship a 45mm focal length for a surprising VR expertise with stunning HD visuals!
  • BASED AND QUALITY MANUFACTURING: The ExtraCelestial Ideas Google Cardboard V2 design is understated and precisely lower providing for a clean and powerful assembly. Velcro for the head strap and brow cushion allows alleviation and ease
  • QR CODES: Instantly play;QR codes printed right on field for immediate access to a variety of implausible VR prepared experiences from video games, scenic excursions, and rather more!

Google Cardboard V2 Digital Reality 3D Equipment Appropriate With 3.5″-6″ Smartphone Monitors, Contains QR Code, Adjustable Headstrap, and elegant Cardboard Design By Way Of ExtraCelestial Ideas Available Now at Amazon

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