Izeez Computer Eyewear and Video Gaming Glasses Blue Light Protection Stop the Eye Strain

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Izeez eyewear is a progressive eyewear system designed to alleviate eye stress while viewing Computer displays, televisions and other various video display terminals. As we stare into the digital world thru screens and screens our eyes turn into stressed out with the regular onslaught of blue Gentle. Izeez eyewear is namely tailor-made to cut the harmful Light thereby easing your expertise and holding your visual stamina so that you simply simply get on with what it’s that you want/want to do. Izeez is available in 2 colours. Black and gun-steel grey. For gray click here : http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00TUH3DAS


  • unisex design for both men and women
  • lower the cruel blue Gentle and prevent squinting
  • sleep better and really feel better after watching video screens
  • prime quality versatile body and adjustable nose piece for comfortable fit
  • unbeatable price guaranteed

Izeez Computer Eyewear and Video Gaming Glasses Blue Gentle Protection Stop the attention Pressure To Be Had Now at Amazon

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