4Call K502QSCMB Dual RJ Telephone Headset Headphone + Noise Canceling Mic + All in One Smart Cord PL100 for Plantronics M10 M22 Vista Adapter and Cisco 7975 9971 Office Landline Desk IP Phones

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Direct Join Phone Headset with all in one Sensible Cord PL100 Works with

Plantronics Amplifier: M10 M12 M22 & MX10 Vista Modular Adapters

and Cisco IP Telephones:

7931G 7940 7940G 7941 7941G 7942 7942G 7945 7945G 7960 7960G 7961 7961G 7962 7962G 7965 7965G 7970 7970G 7971 7971G 7975 7975G

6921 6941 6945 6961

7821 7841 7861

8811 8841 8851 8861

8941 8945 8961

9951 9971


  • Direct Join headset, no further amplifier or adapter required. Adjustable fit scarf and comfortable ear cushions beef up for wearing comfort, even for long classes.
  • Comes with Common Appropriate Good Twine, Simple 8-place slide adjustment & Usual RJ connector, Connects to 90% desk Telephones the use of a normal modular plug.
  • Eight-position configurations: 1 Same Old (most typical) M-, R, R, M+ 2 Cisco IP Phones 79xx sequence R, M-, M+, R Three Ascom offce and Philips Telephones R, M+, M-, R Four Jap Telephones, NEC, Nitsuko M+, R, R, M- 5 PLT Vista Base R, R, M+, M- 6 Panasonic Phones with modular plug M+, R, R, M- 7 Nortel digital Telephones and Avaya IP Phones M-, R, R, M+ 8 Avaya Callmaster V and VI, Cisco R, M-, M+, R
  • With two earpieces and a noise canceling microphone, this headset is good for noisy workplaces. It delivers prime quality sound to both ears, enabling you to concentrate totally on the caller with minimal distraction & advanced sound choose up.
  • Fast disconnect function lets you disconnect speedy from the bottom half of the cable, while still carrying the headset. With Mute / Volume Keep Watch Over in-built.

4Call K502QSCMB Dual RJ Phone Headset Headphone + Noise Canceling Mic + multi function Sensible Wire PL100 for Plantronics M10 M22 Vista Adapter and Cisco 7975 9971 Office Landline Desk IP Phones Available Now at Amazon

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