CrawL Robot Design Flexible Cellphone Holder / Multipurpose Bendable Mountable Mobile Holder (Blue)

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CrawL Flexible Bendable Phone Holder is a more than one purpose at hand Fashionable little holder. Nicely formed with a hook for a head and two Robotic palms with Robot hands and two jutting Robotic legs with upturned Robot ft that Cling issues securely. Crawl Flexible bendable holder has just one goal – to carry issues perfectly. It Will Probably without problems hangs on a piece of apparatus like bikes, pants, within the car, laptop among other issues to securely holds your Cell Phone or charger inplace. Additionally It Is a great binder for curtains, lose wires, and so forth. – simply twist them around to a bond or simply let Crawl hug it inplace. It may also be to use to your favourite e book whereas reading and ingesting your morning coffee in the kitchen – simply simply stand it up and Cling the pages again or simply simply use it as a wedge to your door to keep it nonetheless. Surely, this is the cutest and coolest device that may securely clutch. It Is A unique Versatile cell phone holder fabricated from high quality environmental pleasant silicone.


  • User-pleasant cling it anyplace holder particularly for cellphones.
  • Multipurpose Versatile holder for just about everything.
  • Fashionable binder for curtains, loose wires and chargers.
  • Mounts on the table for straightforward viewing of Mobile Phone or serves as e book mount and guide marker.
  • Good as door wedge / door stop to keep your door inplace.

CrawL Robotic Design Flexible Cellular Phone Holder / Multipurpose Bendable Mountable Cellular Holder (Blue) On Hand Now at Amazon

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