Panasonic VCR AG-1330 4-Head (Mono) Reviews

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Commercial Grade VCR. Built with Steel Casing. Amazing Search Index Options. Super DRIVE Motor. Shows Clear Image in FF or RR at any Velocity. The AG-1330 is an easy-to-use VHS VCR that Options noiseless and jitter-free playback in any mode, plus High-Pace search, quick pay mechanism, Quasi-S-VHS playback, and a Built-in head cleaner. CVC (Crystal View Regulate) intelligently controls the connection between the tape, heads and circuitry to ship most efficient performance of every. The Result is very best Picture quality in report and playback modes. Super Four-Head gadget provides jitter-free play in Double Tremendous High Quality Sluggish mode, Double Pace Playback and Body Boost. HR (Excessive Response) mechanism makes use of the whole-loading tape transport for instant Image Display. It takes best two seconds for Picture to appear from Stop to Play mode. Excessive-Speed search (11x standard) is equipped in EP (extended play) mode. Search functions, like Intro-Jet Scan and 60-2nd Jet-Rewind, permit you to quickly locate favored scenes or applications. Playback of S-VHS tapes (Quasi-S-VHS) is made that you can think of at standard VHS resolution. Huge multi-perform Show offers you all vital information at a look. Signals for time, report, playback and different modes may also be demonstrated from across the room. On-Monitor Show (OSD) of data including running mode, instructions for preliminary channel surroundings, setting the Calendar/Timer, and standby OTR programming is incorporated. The Information can also be displayed in four languages: English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. Constructed-in head cleaner robotically cleans the video heads when tapes are inserted or ejected, to care for VCR reliability. Five-year clock and one-month timer backup is a great convenience in case of long energy outages, or when shifting.


Panasonic VCR AG-1330 4-Head (Mono) To Be Had Now at Amazon

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